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A-Boot Us

Howzit, Eh? Welcome!

Howzit Eh! is a laid-back Canada meets Hawaii-inspired restaurant in Kihei, Maui, adjacent to Kalama Park. Our menu is a mash-up of flavors, dishes, and fresh ingredients from Hawaii and Canada—kind of a poutine-meets-poke place. It’s the best of both worlds, just like our name: Howzit, “a locals way of saying hello, or how you doing!”, and Eh, “Used to ask a question or to repeat a statement or as confirmation of a statement being understood”. 

Howzit Eh! is where locals and tourists mix, relax, and unwind while enjoying ono grinds with a side of Canadian hospitality. We are also a decidedly local establishment: we source local ingredients whenever possible, employ local people of all abilities, and support local community programs. Our culture of inclusion and diversity reflects the culture of Hawaii, where tastes and backgrounds combine to make this such a magical place.

The Howzit Eh! concept was developed by Doug Harb, who has lived, worked, and played in Hawaii for more than a decade. His passion for the magic of Hawaii and his Canadian pride inspired Doug to honor this unique combination. Both communities value mutual respect, listening, participation in the local community, and the willingness to learn and adapt, all of which Doug aims to perpetuate through Howzit Eh!

We hope you love Howzit Eh! as much as we love serving you our delicious foods. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff, call out for Doug (who’s always around the restaurant…unless he is out paddling), or drop us a line at